Frequently asked Questions

General inquiries

Are you hiring?
  • We are always looking to maintain a pool of quality applicants. If you are interested in joining our sales team, please submit a resume via email in PDF format. No other format will be accepted.
  • Major characteristics being sought are retail sales experience, neat handwriting, and a passion for hunting and firearms.
  • All applicants must be 21 years old in order to apply.
Do you ever answer the phone?
  • We place priority on customers who have taken the time to come into the store to shop with us. We answer the phone when we are not actively engaged with a customer.
  • Non-immediate questions may be directed to email and we typically respond within 24 hours.
  • We are closed Sunday and Monday, emails sent after 5 PM on Saturday will receive a response on Tuesday morning when we come back from our weekend.
Your name is Carolina Rod and Gun, why don’t you sell fishing equipment?
  • When we first opened in 1979 we did provide fishing equipment and services. However, with market changes and with the growing hunting side of our business we elected to get out of the fishing market and never changed the name.
Do you take trades or purchase firearms from individuals?
  • We do both. All trades and store purchases must be approved by the owner of Carolina Rod and Gun. Trades may only be made toward the purchase of new merchandise. With the large number of consignments that we take in we simply cannot take in a trade towards the purchase of a firearm that is not ours.
Do you purchase pre-owned ammunition?
  • For insurance liability reasons we simply cannot purchase pre-owned ammunition regardless of its age or condition.
Do you dispose of or destroy old firearms or ammunition?
  • We simply do not have the facilities to dispose of old firearms or ammunition in accordance with ATF regulations. Most police departments will take in old firearms or ammunition for destruction. Definitely call your local department’s non-emergency or office line prior to taking those items to your local department.

FFL inquiries

What are your FFL Transfer fees?
  • We charge $50.00 per firearm for FFL transfers. Due to shipping issues, we do our best not to open shipping boxes on transfers until the customer arrives to pick up their gun. Please have the tracking information for your firearm available to you when you come to pick up your firearm.
Do you provide outbound shipping for FFL transfers?
  • Not at this time. We lack the appropriate staffing to provide this service in a timely manner. Please check back with us as we hope to offer this service again soon.
How do I obtain a copy of your FFL for a transfer?
  • Please contact us and we will provide the information via email.

Repair Inquiries

Do you provide shipping service for firearms that need to return to the manufacturer?
  • At this time we are only providing this service for firearms that were purchased in store within the last year.

Consignment and Appraisal Inquiries

Can you quote a value on a firearm over the phone or via email?
  • Due to opinions on the condition of firearms varying we ask that you bring the firearm into us to receive a quote.
Do you provide written appraisals on firearms for insurance purposes?
  • Yes we do. We charge $40.00 per gun for appraisals and appraisals are written on company letterhead.
What is your consignment policy, and what are your consignment rates?
  • We strive to provide a 24hour turnaround between the steps on our end of the consignment process. For large collections and/or specialty item/s we try to maintain a one week turnaround. Very large collections and rare items we reserve the right to extend the assessment/appraisal time as needed.
  • Our steps in getting the item/s out are:
    • Receive the gun and provide the customer with an itemized inventory of what they have dropped off.
    • Assess/appraise the gun for consignment and provide the consignor with pricing on their item/s.
    • Upon approval from the customer with the pricing of the item/s, log them into our inventory and provide the customer with an updated itemized inventory of their item/s with the stock number/s for their item/s.
  • Our Consignment fee is 20% of the retail price of the gun.
    CR&G will make a minimum of $40.00 on a consignment. (Firearms that value over $200.00 will be exempt from this)
  • Per ATF regulations if a consignor wishes to pick up their firearm once it is on our sales books, a background check must be completed. Firearms picked up by consignors prior to 30 days from when they are placed out for sale will incur a $10.00 service charge.
  • We do not contact consignors regarding their consignments unless an offer is made on their gun. It is the consignor’s responsibility to stay in contact with us regarding the sales status of their firearm.
    • Consignments may have their sales status verified via email, phone, or in person.
  • Checks for sold consignments are written on Saturday two weeks after the date of sale. To receive payment as quickly as possible please check on your consignment no later than close of business Thursday.
  • We do not provide layaway consignment firearms
  • Carolina Rod and Gun reserves the right to refuse to consign a firearm if it is defective, the sale will not be profitable, or the consignor insists on over-valuing the firearm.
    • We have an appraisal process that we put all consignment firearms through. Firearms values are based on blue book values, comparable internet sales and bids, and our 40+ years of experience in the industry.
    • Online comparable sales and bids are based on completed sales and active bids not what is being asked for the firearm in question online. This provides a far better gauge of what the market will bear than basing this on what people are asking.
I have a large collection of firearms I wish to consign, can someone come to my home and do the appraisal and pick up the guns?
  • Not at this time. We simply do not have the staff to provide this service and due to the liability with transporting in having to transport your firearms in a personally owned vehicle, we cannot ask our staff to take on that responsibility. We are not planning to provide this service.
I have a large collection of firearms I wish to consign, do I need to make an appointment to drop them off?
  • If you have a collection of more than 6 guns, we ask that you contact us at least two weeks in advance and coordinate an appointment so that we can staff properly. This will allow us to dedicate a staff member to cataloging your firearms for the consignment process, and provide the appropriate level of service to other customers at that time.
  • If you have 6 or fewer firearms to bring in, please feel free to stop by any time during regular business hours.

Inventory Questions

Do you have an online real-time inventory?
  • We simply do not have the manpower or infrastructure to provide this service. Please contact us if you are looking for a specific product.
Can you special order a product?
  • If our distributors carry the product and have it available, we can typically order a product and have it to you within two weeks. Unfortunately, COVID has hit the firearms industry hard. At this time there is no way for us to quote an ETA if we do not have a product in stock or it is unavailable through our distributors.
Can I get on a waiting list for a product?
  • We are maintaining a very limited waiting list based on products that are consistently available. We cannot take a waiting list on the following product categories at this time:
    • Ammunition
    • Seasonal Accessories
    • Newly released/announced products
    • Used Firearms
    • Hunting accessories/supplies
    • Shooting accessories/supplies